I have a good buddy, a small business owner. He owns a butcher shop in St. Louis, and we were talking about likes on facebook as social proof for his business. He asked:

Little did I know, he knew the answer and through a successful branding and social media campaign he created “street cred” and a social media following that is paying off. Think about it…a butcher shop and the community loves it. His business and brand recognition is off the charts. A Neighborhood butcher shop is killing the social media game. Check it out here and throw him a LIKE.


Why should we run a Like campaign?

  1. “Like” campaigns deliver social proof

Once you’ve run a Like campaign, you can do connection targeting. You can aim your ads at friends of fans and make the most of the instant credibility. Your ads are no longer just a cold interruption. They appear recommended by a friend. They look popular. Viewers can see that other people, including people they know, have liked you, so they feel comfortable about liking you, too.

  1. As you build like and create fans, those fans see your ads more.

Few people realize that Facebook shows your ads to your fans twice as often as they show them to non-fans. Currently, non-fans may see your ads in the newsfeed a twice a day, while fans may see your ads up to four times a day.

  1. Building a receptive audience

Targeting your fans with authentic conversion-focused campaigns will always yield the best ROI. Your fans will like the content occasionally and give the content more reach and reception.

Investing time and money in Like campaigns get higher click-through rates, higher opt-in rates, and a better ROI. Like campaigns are an incredibly inexpensive way to find an interested lead. It won’t take up most of your budget. Spending somewhere between five percent and 10 percent of your campaign bucket is typical. And once it’s up and running, you can set it, forget it and leave it to run so that your audience is always growing with fresh leads.

Creating your Like campaign – Building the funnel

Click here for steps on how to create a Like campaign and start cultivating your following.