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Facebook is like a Cocktail Party

Give People reasons to “like you” on Facebook in Five Simple Steps

When it comes to social media, you want to be the person at the party that everyone wants to be around. This popular person talks with people rather than at them ask folks about themselves and contribute funny or smart insight to conversations. This popular person does not ramble incessantly about him/herself, does not project negativity and issue complaints, and does not bore you with inane drivel.

The popular person at the party knows how to serve her audience.

People use social media for different reasons, and thus there are many valid approaches to interaction. Today’s blog post, however, addresses how to utilize social media—Facebook in particular—to build a following of people that genuinely like you.

Here are five steps to make that happen.

Understand your brand

Only you possess what only you possess. Identify and define what qualities set you apart from others and maximize them. Who are you and what do you stand for? What is your image; what is your look? Compose your persona carefully, and keep it consistent. Any photos, status updates, or shares that you make should be consistent with your brand. Give people consistency and they will remember you.

Serve your audience

Treat FB like a publication—not your diary. Posts must not be self-serving. Self-serving posts are those that serve as outlets for your expression without any concern for the readers’ interest. Examples of self-serving posts may include inane updates about the minutiae of your life, braggadocio, vague-book hateration. Posts that serve your audience, on the other hand, entertain, inform, and inspire reflection. They make people laugh; they make people think. Make no mistake—delivering quality content on social media is an artistic act of creation and composition that requires forethought. Get to know your audience and the things they like, and post accordingly.

Engage your audience

Don’t talk at your audience; talk with them. Compose status updates that encourage interaction. Comment on the posts of your friends in meaningful ways–you will not only build a relationship with that person but will also likely make new friends from that person’s readership in the meantime. Occasionally use your status updates to ask intriguing questions that your readers will want to answer. Give folks an opportunity to tell their stories—everyone wants that.

Be positive

No one likes a complainer. While the hardships in your life are certainly worthy of attention, Facebook is not the place for a litany of woes. Folks visit social media for diversion, for escape–so use your social media presence to make people smile, laugh, and think. Stimulate your audience intellectually or crack them up with jokes—but don’t bring them down with your personal problems. And never use your status updates to trash-talk or call people out–you end up looking worse than the person upon whom you’re throwing shade.

Stay humble

When it comes to badassery, the golden rule is show, and don’t tell. You can think you’re a badass; you can know you’re a badass—just don’t announce it. Instead, allow this badassery to show through your videos, photos, writing. Let your audience judge for themselves. If you are, in fact, a badass, others will see this badassery, and they will announce it on your behalf. When this occurs, a simple “thank you” is always the proper response. In the meantime, big-up the folks you admire. Few things are more attractive than someone who exhibits an appreciation for others.

Apply these lessons and watch your internetting achieve much excellent.

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